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IllumaVISION: Helping you see better, one patient at a time. 

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IllumaVISION is revolutionizing the dental lighting industry by combining the latest advancements in computer vision, automation, and artificial intelligence.  Our goal is to become your trusted business partner and provider of high quality illumination products and solutions backed by a solid guarantee and fast, friendly service.  Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and operational excellence. 

​Take your operatory to the next level with the world's first fully automatic overhead lighting system.  The beam of light automatically aims at the oral cavity, regardless of chair or patient position.  There is nothing to touch or adjust so you can spend more time on your patient and less time on your equipment.  ​


30,000 lux

Why choose IllumaVISION?
Sure, it may be tempting to use a lower-cost overhead lighting system.  But the truth is, saving a few dollars now will cost you a lot more in the long run. Think about these critical items:

  • Brightness - Low cost overheads do not output a sufficient amount of light to properly illuminate the oral cavity.  As a result, many dental professionals turn to loupe-and-lights or head mounted lighting systems for supplemental illumination to make up for the poor quality of their overheads.  
  • Time - The overhead light is typically adjusted at least 4 times per patient.  You have to stop what you are doing, reach up to adjust, and then continue on with your work.  Five seconds might not seem like much, but multiply that over many patients per chair, times the number of ops in your practice, over the course of a year, and you'll quickly see that you and your staff are spending dozens of hours per year doing nothing more than adjusting the position of lights.  Imagine how many more patients you can see with all the time saved.  See our ROI calculator for more details.
  • Cleaning - Overhead lighting systems must be properly sanitized after each and every patient.  This takes time, cleaning chemicals, germ barriers, and more.  Not only is there a cost involved in buying and storing this material, but imagine the hours that could be saved not having to wipe down and prep the lighting fixture several times each day.  IllumiVISION is hands-free so there is absolutely nothing to clean.  Turn your chairs faster and put more money in your pocket.   
  • Obstruction - All traditional overheads use a supporting arm structure to hold the light in position.  Have you, your staff, or any of your patients ever bumped into it?  Has it ever been in the way when trying to take X-Rays or when moving around other equipment?  IllumaVISION has no supporting structure.  A patient can get into and out of the chair with ease.  You and your staff can walk around the operatory without any obstructions getting in your way.  

A.I. Powered Illumination


A no-cure setting applies a filter at 430-470 nm which eliminates the 'blue' light from the beam.  This gives you more time to work with materials that harden when exposed to this wavelength. 

Infinite dimmer control puts you in the drivers seat for the perfect illumination intensity in any ambient setting.  

With IllumaVISION, the operatory light is completely hands-free.  There is absolutely nothing to clean and nothing to sanitize saving you valuable time and giving your patients absolute piece of mind.  The system requires no maintenance and there are no bulbs to replace resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership.  The efficient LED light source provides, crisp, clear illumination with proper contrast and a high color rendering index for accurate tissue diagnosis all while minimizing eye strain and fatigue.  It uses less energy, stays cooler, and lasts longer.  The low-profile ceiling mount eliminates the supporting arm structure of traditional overheads, giving you the freedom to design the ultimate operatory.  An investment in IllumaVision sends a clear message that your practice operates on the cutting edge of technology.

Illumination ​occurs exactly where you need it most - in the oral cavity.  Special algorithms help to ensure the light does not shine in the patients' eyes. 

A 6 inch uniform circular light pattern provides illumination consistency and eliminates hot spots common with halogen.  Further, a soft, feather edge helps alleviate eye strain.

Twice as bright as the leading LED overheads giving you a clear view of the clinical field without the need for supplemental lighting.



Foot Pedal

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All features are controlled with a simple, compact, wireless foot switch for a truly hands-free, germ-free system.  There are no wires to clutter the foot space. 

>90% CRI


Color Temp


A high color rendering index ensures the light source can faithfully reveal the colors of various objects in comparison with natural light.  A high CRI is essential for color-critical applications such as shade matching and tissue examination.

Vary the color temperature from 4,000 to 5,000 K for chair-side shade matching.  No need to walk over to the window or another light source to double check. Perfectly matched fillings each and every time.